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The time change has been completed. Like all good citizens, I dutifully set my regular time alarm for 2:00 a.m. in order to reset the clocks for daylight time. Actually I didn’t have to set the alarm because that is a regular time I wake up to pee (along with 3:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.). Recounting the total number of resets, I found a total of 14, including two wrist watches, the microwave, kitchen stove, and furnace thermostat. That did not include the two radio-controlled time pieces that miraculously adjusted themselves without having to point them toward Boulder, CO. (That means we almost have as many places to see the time as we do television sets in the house. Well, we have lived in this house 48 years.) I did have to have help from that wild and crazy blogging M00nglow on the combination telephone-radio-clock unit. I still have the clock in the car to change, but I can do that now and no longer need the owner’s manual.

Anyway, I can attest to the fact that the sun did indeed come up one hour later today. (How do they do that?) And I will be watching this afternoon to make sure that we do get an extra hour of daylight. Otherwise everything went well except for one thing. I thought I had reset my watch, but actually had missed it. So naturally, that was the one I looked at when I decided to take my morning walk. The temperature was 28 degrees so I decided to walk outdoors instead of going to the Y (as they don’t open until noon on Sunday). I thought by leaving at 7:00 (my watch time) I would be back in time to see my favorite Sunday morning political news show (ABC’s George Stephanopolous) at 8:00.

I had checked out the park walking route while in the car on Saturday to make sure the snow and ice was clear on the roadway. The walk was fine, but I noticed that some of the regulars I see out there weren’t there. That would be explained when I got home and walked into the house and turned on the TV. It was 9:00 o’clock and I had missed the show. Oh well, we’ll catch it next week.

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Enough already! Here we go again. Twice a year we go through the idiocy of switching to Daylight Savings Time and back again. Each year the news will report about the jewelry store in New York City which keeps over 8000 accurate time pieces that have to be adjusted manually twice each year. Also consider the time and dollars spent making adjustments in the transportation industry. Mindful, also that flights, train and bus trips, trucks and all freight deliveries have to go through the process of making up an hour or dutifully slowing down an hour to get back on schedule. Radio, TV, indeed all business scurries to make sure everyone is aware of the coming time change and then one wonders how many people mess up and show up for work early or late. Computers and other technology have pretty well figured out how to make the change so that humans don’t have to cope with that. But then there was that thing at the new millennium that had many scratching their heads and wondering if everything was covered. I had an email today from the manufacturer of a printer I no longer use reminding me that the printer and fax always adjusted automatically EXCEPT this year they wouldn’t because Congress changed the day for going to Daylight Time. Therefore I would have to, disable this and enable that, manually to make the adjustment. Some states go on and some don’t. We even had a year in Iowa, back in the late 50’s that allowed each town to decide whether to go on Daylight time or not. Genuine madness.

Fortunately, now there are atomic or whatever radio controlled watches and clocks that make the change themselves. If they fail, then you point the clock toward Boulder, Colorado for awhile. (it took me three days one time) but you betcha, it finally got on track. I have two of these, so I normally have at least one time piece that knows what the score is or rather what the time is. Then I use it to make the rounds to the other 10 clocks and or timers on the stove and micro-wave to again be part of functioning mankind.

It’s madness. Now I know, everyone has a preference for one time or the other, but apparently the two sides are impossibly deadlocked. Thus each side gets a period of time that suits them for a period of time, but we are stuck with this mindless madness of switching. I’m reminded once again of the ridiculous conflict between extreme Liberals and extreme Conservatives. I’m so glad that I have finally accepted the belief that if we are to ever unite, it will have to come from the middle and the moderates in both the Democrat and Republican Parties. (Please come back, Joe Biden). Enter, John McCain, disliked by both Liberals and Conservatives, so he can’t be all bad. And, enter Barack Obama, with a labeled Liberal voting record but seemingly one who is reasonable and wants to unite. Might work well with the middle to be a uniter. Then again, there’s Hillary. Maybe she’s the one, and the unexpected happens, and we all live happily forever-after. It’s obvious that all have ideas we can accept and live with and all have ideas we’d just ‘druther not. It’s called negotiation, give and take, or whatever. (How’s that for being a fence sitter) 🙂

Now back to this time problem. The solution is so simple. Remember give and take. No one totally satisfied, but a situation that everyone can live with. Guys and gals, all we have to do is move the d— clocks 30 minutes forward tonight and leave them there forever. Nearly all the benefits of daylight time are retained. Nearly all the benefits of regular time are retained. Couldn’t be simpler. No more, will 300 million people wonder what the h— time it is. No more wondering, is it spring forward, fall back and does that mean I move the clock forward or does the sun move forward so I have to turn the hands back or what. And how will my cows know I’m going to need milk an hour earlier. Doctors won’t miss a scheduled surgery. Patrons at DFW or O’Hare will only have to concern themselves with 800 weather delayed flights, but not whether that was Daylight or Regular time. We don’t have to put up with this twice a year garbage. Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, etc. are quite enough without adding to the confusion each Spring and Fall. And what day shall we do it on this year? Is that the same as last year? What about next year? Will it be the same?

JOIN THE CAUSE. Help STAMP out time switching forever. Write your Congressman, Legislator, Dog Catcher, Township Constable or whomever. Enough already!

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