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I am just watching the news comments about today’s (03/04/2008) primary election in Texas and of course also Ohio, R.I., and Vermont. All eyes seem to be on Texas, rather than the eyes of Texas upon whomever. Well before the polls close and the unique Texas caucus results are in, it’s looking like Hillary is showing a little strength. May be too early to count her out. Obama’s strength thus far has been in the youth. Historically, that element has shown itself to be unreliable over the long haul. They can rev up and get everyone excited, only to grow impatient, and become bored before they are called on to actually vote. If they have nothing better to do and it isn’t raining or cold they might take time to vote. (That’s probably unfair.) Obama’s organization has been stellar and may well overcome all the obstacles of the past concerning the support of the youth. Anyway, at this point it looks like a toss up and unless Clinton wins big she still has plenty of problems. McCain looks to be finally able to lock up the Republican nomination. (Does that mean anything with the Democrat steamroller that seems to be building?) It’s still a long time until November. (Think of all those nasty TV commercials yet to come.)

This writing seems to be a lot about nothing. Winter is still very much in evidence, here. We are glad to be done with February and its unwanted extra day. However March will be a challenge as usual, and we anxiously await May. (Can’t trust April either.)

Between thinking about something interesting to add to the blog and working on the daily Sudoku puzzle, I probably will never again successfully complete any meaningful task. Pat continues to be patient with me.

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