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May was a definite improvement over the previous months, weather-wise, but nevertheless we have only been totally without the furnace for about three days and we haven’t yet used the air conditioning. No doubt we soon will be using it and complaining about the heat and humidity.

But this is mostly about the upheaval at Daughter Julie’s home. Talk about empty nest. Usually things kind of progress toward that state over a longer period of time and there can be a gradual adjustment. This time it looks like there will have to be a more sudden adjustment.

First, our love and congratulations to Granddaughter Ali for her third place academic standing in her graduation class of over 500. And for my money, she was so close to second that it could be called a tie. Grumpy (grandfather) rules are always used in these cases. She will be going to Northwestern University in Chicago in September. Way to go Ali.

Secondly, Granddaughter Jenna is to be congratulated for being accepted at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Tx. and will be simultaneously fleeing the nest in September. She also finished high in her high school class a couple of years back and has been attending classes in the Dallas area and earning spots on the Dean’s List while living at home. Way to go Jenna.

Third, Fourth, and Fifthly, concerns Grandson, Joel, his wife, Blake, and Zoe, our first great granddaughter. We regard Blake as a granddaughter, (again Grumpy rules prevail). I guess granddaughter-in-law would be the correct term. They have been living nearby the nest for the past year and Joel has been working in the family business from his office within the nest and Zoe has spent much time with Daughter Julie while Granddaughter Blake (Grumpy rules) worked at her job in preparation for the next move. The family will be leaving the nest for Houston this month. We congratulate Blake for her acceptance into medical school at Univ. Texas at Houston. This will be a challenging move for them, but after the challenges they have faced during their six years of successful Army life, they will make it. Way to go Blake — and Joel and Zoe too. I forgive you, Blake for the addiction I have to Sudoku, which causes me to waste several hours weekly.

Sixth and Seventh, finds that Daughter Julie, and Son Steve (Grumpy rules), (technically son-in-law) have unveiled nest emptying plans of their own. They expect to sell their beautiful home by the creek in Garland and make a new apartment home in nearby Richardson, TX. I know the move is a practical thing, but for whatever reason, I feel somewhat sad that they will be leaving such a loving, beautiful place that the entire family has enjoyed so much. Way to go, I think. 😉

Eighth. Can’t forget the animal members of the family. Cats and Canines have always had a place in the Watt’s household. Some will need new homes and some may be fortunate to also make the move. Way to go Phoebe, and others to numerous to remember (no slight intended). I’m 78 and don’t have to remember pets names or eat broccoli. (Grumpy rules)

Thus, in a few months, if plans proceed as expected the nest will be completely empty, awaiting a new family, The new nest in Richardson will always have a place for the departed one’s occasional, but temporary visit back home. That will never change, and hopefully there just might be space for a Gram and Grumpy visit sometime. We always know we’d be welcome. Also, with a scattering of the birds, it is important to mention, that so far there is still a nest that can be visited in Iowa by one or all. We love you all.

Remember The Alamo, and Grumpy Rules.

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