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Oh no! That’s Submarine talk. Fire in the paint locker! Abandon ship! No, that’s not it. Evacuate! Evacuate! Take Cover! Take Cover! Never mind. This is a drill. Just trying to get my Florida family members ready. Today marks the beginning of Hurricane Season. While I know there are certain advantages to living in South Florida, you can rest assured that we are concerned about you having to endure the fire season, drought, tornadoes and water spouts, the alligator and bear season, other creepy crawly critter season, certainly the hurricane season, beach erosion, and the dreaded snow bird and impossible traffic season. Incidentally, we turned the furnace off a couple of days ago, and other than our own state’s frequent tornadoes this season, we are having a beautiful day should you choose to vacation Iowa this year.

Further, after my last posting and defining those times when Grumpy’s Rules take precedence, I felt compelled to address son, Tim and his good wife Merry. Merry, you were the first addition to our family and immediately seemed more like a daughter than an in-law and it has always been such. Therefore, by Grumpy’s rule, we are privileged to call you daughter whenever we wish. There now, I feel better. I didn’t want anyone left out. We have been privileged and blessed. We are proud and love the whole darn bunch of you.

Seriously, and most certainly, I hope that all of Florida, the Gulf States, and the East Coast avoid serious hurricanes this year and that we can still make light of it in November, but I will weather watch anyway. That’s what I do best.

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