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In spite of war and pestilence, global warming, inflation, flooding, starvation and world wide food riots, tornadoes, Chinese problems with Olympic preparation, terrorism, Russian re-emergence as a cold war antagonist, the never ending Democrat Party nomination process, worldwide death and destruction, the impossible national debt, threats to maintaining Social Security and Medicare, outrageous health care costs, a failing housing market, bank and financial crises, uninsured children, polygamous cults in Texas, and the unfairness of allowing smoking in Iowa casinos but outlawing it elsewhere, there just didn’t seem like much going on today. Rev. Wright dominated the air waves, and freeze warnings with a 40 percent chance of snow greeted the new week.

Thus, just as it looked like a boring day, suddenly a nice thing happened. My calender indicated that this was the day several old high school class mates would be coming for a sort of mini “just guys” reunion. Three from Mount Ayr, IA., one from Washington, IA., and one other from Ottumwa besides myself met at our house for a pizza lunch and several hours of old and some new stories, and lots of reminiscing. Three of us started first grade and completed school together. The other three joined us at various times through the school years and all of us had been long time close friends and teammates in various sports and activities. In addition, four of us had shared experiences in the military and had made some contact several times when in the service. We all agreed that we each had suffered from the same somewhat strange unexplainable condition whereby our trousers seemed to grow longer each year.

Others who had been close with us but have gone on to the great beyond were fondly and respectfully remembered. Most of our wives were also classmates of the class behind us but were shamefully uninvited. However, it is believed, that won’t be held against us. Good wife, Pat stayed on her computer and pretty much allowed me to bake the pizza and care for my guests, but was available for consultation if needed. Our two classes both have class reunions (60th and 59th) scheduled on the same day at the end of May. We will not be attending, so it was nice to see those who were the closest friends. If we were to be going anywhere that weekend, we of course would be going to Granddaughter Ali’s graduation in Garland, TX., but it looks like because of health reasons, expense, etc. we will just be remaining at home.

Otherwise, my only concern at this time is that in spite of the unseasonable cold, the grass is beginning to need attention. As yet, I have been unable to get the goats down from the high country to keep the grass down so may have to use the goat in the shed if I can get it started. We hope “y’all” had a nice day too.

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