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Not only am I in a ” basket” (Thanks Hillary),  I’m in a mess.

I’ve been without the steadying hand of my wife, Pat for a couple of years now, so sometimes I get out of hand. (I do miss her daily)  I live with my loving daughter and my kind and generous  son-in-law in Houston.  All’s well and will be well, except, but, golly gee, this darn crazy political year has found us in opposing thought and on opposite sides.  They are younger with sharper minds and yes,  probably more intelligent than mine. Frankly going on age 87,  I can hardly remember the next word I want to use.  I can’t begin to compete with them  coherently.  My daughter insists that I no longer hold the political values that she remembers growing up with.  Plus I have been provided with an I-pad by them and my also loving son and daughter-in-law. That led to “facebook” where I have found a whole bunch of friends and relatives not seen in many years, and gobs of former students whom I fondly remember.  I taught Am. Government and did some coaching (Wrestling and Football, and for crying out loud, it can’t be too hard to know you stand for Old Glory and the National Anthem).  Anyway my friends are all over the place in this 2016 election, and I don’t really want to offend anyone.  Generally, I have tried to avoid commenting on politics and religion.  (A former student posted recently [Jesus is Coming. I hope he gets here before the election].  Count me in on that one.) I’m not void of thought, but that has been why I have avoided political comments.  I notice a few more creeping in though.

Please let me feel a little bit good about myself to my daughter and yesteryear students.  I may have been successful or unsuccessful, that’s for others to decide, but I never intended to tell anyone what to think but that you should think and why you should think and to get involved in the process.  I think I may have had some success, dear disappointed daughter and  confused students who would have perhaps thought my personal election choices would be different.  The results comfort me as I see my children and former students thinking and engaged in the process.

Before explaining my present political preferences, I ask forgiveness and tolerance for poor grammar, punctuation, and writing skills, daughter, Julie and the  best Indian Hills English and Lit. instructor ever, Rhonda Simmons Eakins, Educator, Kay Bond Wall, Nurses, Welders, etc., plus any and all of you whom I missed that may have become teachers and all of you who write and express yourselves better than me. I have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with all, and seeing your families, and hearing of your careers and activities. (Even though it is most unlikely that anyone will ever read this)

I grew up in a Conservative, Republican family with the world in a Depression, followed by World War II.  Then after a couple of years of college, and a new war in Korea, I found myself in the Navy for four years.  (Best job I ever had, and always regretted not making it a career.) A few years and several changes of jobs and entrepreneurial efforts led me back to finish my college education.  Suddenly, like others, I was influenced by a new wave of Liberal thought.  Yes, I became a Democrat.

So my teaching days were dominated by a combination of belief in social obligations and responsibilities to citizens, by our government, as well as a respect for the great achievements by industry, agriculture and small business brought about by Capitalism.  I still believe, Socialism or any form of government is acceptable as long as  the people have a democratic  system in which they can  end it or choose the direction they wish to go.  If its broke, change it, if it works, don’t fix it.  After leaving teaching, I was engaged in owning and operating various small businesses mostly marginally successful.  I could be more specific but basically, I was in the real world again and yeah, more conservative.

 I no longer care about Republicans or Democrats, Conservatives or Liberals.  For thirty years they both are filled with professional hacks with the same old tax and spend policies that have decimated our economy.  Hillary has her own bag or “basket” of proposals that only take us farther down the tube with no way out

President Obama seems like a real nice man, but I am unimpressed with his accomplishments while President.  ObamaCare has given a few uninsurables a chance at insurance  if they can afford it.  Elsewhere it seems to be not working so well.  Foreign policy is a mess. Syria, Turkey, Iraq. and the Iranian fiasco, the whole Middle East,  North Africa, Eastern Europe, North Korea, etc.!  Where is the success.  A few less American troops in combat, but hundreds of thousands dead or displaced by ISIS or who knows,… which has brought about the immigration crisis in Europe and soon U.S. He has been insulted and embarrassed around the world, most recently in China (made to exit by the rear of the plane) and (called a s.o.b by the President of Philippines).  Racial relations are worse than when he took office.  He used a welcoming occasion for the President of Singapore to trash a political opponent, embarrassing his guest. Trade deficits are off the chart.  There are well paying jobs for some.  Poor average Joan or Joe hasn’t had a raise in 15 years.  Most have quit looking for work which makes the employment figures look better.  I think most will accept legal immigration.  Just enforce the law. I’ll think of a dozen more when I quit writing.   Increased taxing on more corporations driving them out of the country won’t fix it.  Hillary is too closely tied to these failed policies to consider her an option for me.

Hillary has suggested nothing much except more of the same. Then there are the lies and confusion surrounding Hillary and all the investigations of her, as Sec. of State, the emails, and the Foundation.  Worse for me is her “hate Trump” diatribe, and the expression of contempt for his followers that is supposed to result in “together a stronger America”.

As for Trump, we might have done better.  I wish he hadn’t made derogative statements of John McCain, former and current Presidents, and opposing primary nominees.  He has been consistent in making outlandish mistakes.  As a forgiver, I can attribute  his weaknesses to not being a professional forever politician. Frankly that may well be what I and others have found intriguing.  Yes I’m warming to his candidacy.  Really, I don’t see him as a Republican or even a Democrat (which he has been), Conservative or a Liberal.  That could make him acceptable to a lot of people.  The middle is not the worst place to be.  “Free trade is a slogan, not a reality”. Fair free trade sounds like something to reach for. I want jobs for people.  I want responsibility  toward the national debt.  How can you fault him for wanting to apply the law, in regard to immigration.  I want to restore our military and provide for those who serve.  Its jobs, jobs, jobs.  Good for men, good for women, good for college grads, good for Unions, good for minorities, legal (and illegals as long as they’re here), good for retirees depending on workers to keep Soc. Sec. viable.  And for heavens sake, in comparing Donald to Hillary, well for me,  I’ll take Trump every time to make this a better , safer country.  He has a lot of rough edges.  Some people want apologies and you don’t get many from Mr. Trump.  I just want solutions.

With macular degeneration, poor typing skills, a warped mind, and a weak bladder, it has taken a long time to write this (two days).  I don’t feel like a racist, bigot, everything phobic, deplorable. Hillary said only half were in her basket and then said, she shouldn’t have said half.  I think she meant all.  I don’t feel like a bad person…. but, having already been labeled as “white trash” for complaining about one’s malicious untrue charges  against Candidate Trump, and now labeled as a  Deplorable, I will have to accept whatever comes down.

Now you know!  Sorry to all on the other side and if Jesus doesn’t get here in time, I do hope we can still be friends.  I will be voting for Trump,….. if I don’t vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian or Jill Stein of the Greens.  And, Steve, Julie, and good friend Jim Mahan, as well as, long ago friend, Stacey, I will respect & honor Hillary Clinton if she becomes our next President.

Love ya’ll,












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