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Des Moines Mayor’s Conference on Climate Change.

Concerning Mayor Cownie’s statement. —-  Page 1A D.M. Register on Tues. May 13, 2014.  Expressing great satisfaction regarding a coming scheduled Panel on Climate Change, the Register quotes the Mayor.  Cownie said: “ Humans are causing the planet to warm.  And it is expected to continue without action.”

There you have it.  The Mayor has it right on.  Humans are the cause.  I wasn’t invited to the conference, however I offer my unscientific solution.  Reduce the human population.  And now, some possible suggestions where to begin.

  1.  Most, but maybe not all Lawyers.
  2.  Congress and why not all, well maybe not all, Politicians Federal, State and City.
  3.  Anyone with an annual income of over a million dollars annually. (Who can’t live on a million bucks a year)  We can discuss accumulated net worth later.
  4.  Old people.  No need for anyone over 80.  (Can easily change this to a lower age, perhaps to include anyone drawing Social Security or using MediCare.)  Think of the benefits resulting from this alone.  Not only will it help save the planet, but could actually help save the country from economic demise.  We might even be able to honor our commitments to our Veterans.

Regarding those drawing Social Security, did I mention that I am 84 years old.  Of course I will step up willingly, but reserve the right to whimper.  That much at least.

  1.  Many but not all people who do research and development of things that result in living longer.  We could add others who create new things and ideas that eliminate jobs, such as robots doing things humans used to do. (Might help the economy, but not the life of glaciers or Polar Bears, and butterflies)
  2.  Most but not all Republicans.  Often considered not smart enough to understand what is best for the country.
  3.  Most but not all Democrats.  Often considered wanting only that which someone else will pay for.
  4.  All, Over Zealous Conservatives and Liberals.  (Could include Limbaugh, and many College and University Professors.
  5.  Some but not all Farmers that don’t shape up, concerning soil abuse and water pollution.
  6.  Some but not all city folks who complain about farmers, but do the same thing in town. Too much waste, overloading the landfills, and running all those air polluting lawn mowers, blowers, trimmers, etc.

Golly!  The possibilities are endless.  We could bring back tobacco and Coal, both of which helped keep the population in check. And If we can eliminate half the population, I would expect some improvement in the area of global climate change, at least in the short term.  As science has already presented, many things occur over very long periods.  ( ice ages,  continental drift, etc.)  In the short term, it is reported that solar storms, sun wobbles, and other activities on Earth like volcanic activity could affect climate change.

Of course we haven’t mentioned the necessary need of international acceptance and participation in addressing Climate Change particularly with the Human reduction solution.  Also, there is the suggestion offered by one Presidential hopeful that he recognizes Climate Change but doubts any law offered thus far, would do anything for the climate, but could harm the economy.  He may well, have a thought, not as ridiculous as some would have us think.

I too, have a thermometer and rain gauge along with a wet basement at times.  Therefore I also recognize climate change.  I remember also the dust bowl, the heat and drought, as well as the bitter cold and deep snows of the Nineteen Thirties.  Also remembered, are the floods of 1947, countless hurricanes, and other notable weather events.  I even remember walking   to school in all kinds of inclement weather. (Okay, so I lived across the street from the school)

It does appear that these extremes are happening more frequently.  Thus, the need for all of us to do whatever we can to improve the situation is obvious.  We can continue developing alternative energy, but with the masses depending on the most available energy sources, it hardly seems realistic to destroy the fossil fuel industries that we have come to depend on.

Bless President Eisenhower and the Interstate Highway system, but development of an efficient public transportation system might have been a better way to go.   So without two or three cars in every driveway, and without millions of trucks running every direction, many things might have been different and other problems created.  Who knows?

Returning to the original statement of the well intentioned Mayor, humans are the problem. Yes, they are.  Good luck in getting the climate changed with conferences, new laws, etc., but B+ for trying.  There are just too many humans and they most likely aren’t going away.  Did I mention that 84 year old minds can be less than stellar?


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