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“We’re from Iowa. and we don’t care about no damn polls.”

Now I know I said I was done “bloggin” and here I am again. Will quit again as soon as I’m done not quittin’ unless I decide to not quit again, but probably won’t. I just wanted to wrap up the Iowa Caucus.

At last, the end of the robo calls – hopefully. The last one, 30 min. before the scheduled time of the Caucus, informed us that there was still time to stop Romney.

As you know, it was a photo finish with Romney winning Iowa by 8 votes over Rick Santorum. In Wapello County,(our county) Romney finished 5th behind:
Santorum 199
Ron Paul 196
Newt 152
Rick Perry 119
Romney 103
Bachmann 74
Huntsman 8
Palin 2 (write ins)
Now there usually aren’t that many Republicans in Wapello County so the answer is, because we allow anyone to re-register anywhere, anytime, Dems and Independents probably decided the results.

The Iowa caucus results are not always very reliable in either party. Iowa Dems of course put Obama in the drivers seat 4 years ago..(“How’s that workin’ out for ya?” as Sarah Palin might say). In Wapello County (4 years ago) I caucused with the Biden Group..(how’s that workin’ out for ya?) in which Wapello went overwhelmingly for John Edwards (remember him?), Hillary was a distant second, and Obama a far distant third. Me and the other guy in the Biden Group finally moved into the Hillary bunch as less than 15% would be classed as un-committed, elgible for “committment” I guess. As it turned out we sort of got a sort of “half President” when Obama selected Biden as his Veep.

Republicans, 4 years ago went for Huckabee, as McCain was no where to be seen, having voted against Corn for gas. After last night, Perry says he will go home to reassess, having spent $400 per vote received in Iowa (about 5 million for 12,600 votes) Bachmann held a press conference and dropped out of the race. Romney flies to New Hampshire and Santorum (having spent $19.00 per vote received) will presumably drive to N.H. in his dust covered pickup to champion a reason to go to war with Iran, likely to a less than enthusiastic electorate. Ron Paul, — who knows? (makes a lot of sense most of the time) but ???. Newt will pout and complain (with reason) about the negative treatment received in Iowa. Romney, Perry, Bachmann, and especially Paul, plus a lot of money for ads coming from nobody knows where and claimed by no one, and denied by everyone, destroyed Newt. Some of the ads were generated by Super Pac money (sometimes maybe Democrat funded) which our “wise Supreme Court” has said is perfectly fine (free speech, don’t ya know?).

Guess that about does it for the Iowa Republican Caucus. I didn’t participate in the Democratic Caucus, but hear that no one objected to Obama being the Nominee. I find myself longing for the old days when the National Political Conventions selected the candidates in a smoke filled room 3 or 4 months before the November election. The results seemed just as good or better than the current circus like process. (and a hell of a lot cheaper and a lot fewer nuisance phone calls).

Most of the (mostly ill informed) folks are all livin’ off the government with some kind of assistance or have one of the only jobs available anymore (government [state or national] jobs). No need to upset the apple cart or stop the gravy train with such nonsense as a “financially sound government.” No need to look out for yourself when government help is always near by. After all, its Mayan 2012 and we all know what might happen in Myan 2012.

Not much else happening around here. Kind of exciting finding a coupon in the paper for a special offer for Men’s Depends. As the coupon would result in substantial savings, I just had to take advantage. The order was placed and shortly I received an email thanking me for the purchase and advising me that I could track the shipment by Fedex with a special link provided. (Sometimes around here, one can track my underwear even without a link to Fedex) Anyway I will be anxiously tracking and awaiting my underwear shipment. I think I can almost hear a muffled chuckle from daughter Julie at my revealing this excitement. Son Tim may be a little embarrassed. But be sure, good wife Pat will be mad as a little wet hen when she reads the details. (“You don’t need to tell people that!”) Aside from that, she and I will celebrate 61 years of marriage on Friday Jan. 6, 2012.(Not too bad) After seeing a notation on the calendar, I finally realized why she wanted to dine out on Friday.

Yes, I have definitely decided that I will quit blogging unless I decide differently. For sure, I don’t Twitter, Tweet or do Facebook and that’s not likely to change unless it does, but don’t think it will for now anyway.

Looking for and hoping for 62 years with my happy and cheerful bride. Bye — for now at least.


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