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Oh My!

Goodness, I see that I haven’t posted for a full year.  My last, was to acknowledge my dear daughter’s birthday one year ago.  I am terribly afraid that I just might have to offer a repeat of last years thoughts.  Apparently,  I failed to recognize, son Tim’s birthday, good wife Pat’s, all the son’s and daughter’s in-law, and a bunch of grandkids, and others as well.  Not doing so pretty well am I.   It had been so long that I had even forgotten just how to get something posted.  I think I finally have made it, even though it is not much of an offering.  Seems I’m pretty much out of the blogging business.  Guess a phone call will have to suffice.  I love you all, but today (Feb. 25th) is Julie’s Day.  Happy Birthday sweetie.


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