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Way too early to tell, and we ought not be judging just yet.  This is mainly for Ali who asked what I thought about President Obama after the first couple of weeks, but anyone else who happens by is more than welcome.  Since nearly all issues including our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have become subservient to the efforts to solve the economic problems, there seems to be little else of concern for most.

My previous blog indicated that I felt President Obama was our best hope to engage dialogue, link oppositions, practice gainful diplomacy, etc.  That didn’t mean that he would necessarily be successful.  He is trying, but probably understands all too well after two weeks that, “it aint gonna be easy.”  The “feel good” period is over.

Obviously President Obama inherits a ton of problems, but that is what got him elected.  The principle anchor preventing the ship from moving forward is Congress and “guvment” as it has evolved.  And here I go.

Remember Reagan’s statement that, “government can’t solve the problem, it is the problem.”  Well maybe so, and I would go one step farther and add that the “people” may well be the problem.  We simply have not demanded more character and good behavior from our elected and appointed government officials.  Congress had less public approval than President Bush, yet incumbents everywhere won re-election.  I strongly believe that our political system with its Republican and Democrat leadership is broken and probably can’t be fixed, or at least won’t be fixed.  One would think that the Republican party would never recover after the botched years of control and the opportunity they had to lead effectively.  However I believe the Democrats will again open the door for them after a given period.

We all know by now, the ridiculous greed and recklessness by Wall Street financial and banking interests.  We expect responsible regulatory control but have not demanded it.  Obama, and I believe McCain as well, said most of the right things in identifying the problem but may be powerless to correct the problem of money, lobbyists, and the buying of government favors.  We now say Wall Street must be held accountable.  What’s wrong with holding Congress accountable?  And let’s throw in state legislatures, city & county governments and let’s add teachers and government workers, as well.

Last Fall, your brother and my grandson Joel, when all of this economic “bail out” fiasco started, asked about the emergency weekend 800 billion bill that just had to be acted on within hours or the world would end.  We had no idea, that was only the tip of the iceberg and the Titanic was about to strike it.  Joel had very legitimate concerns and I truly wish others with a vote had shown as much diligence in their study of the problem.  McCain was ridiculed for suspending his campaign to study the issue.  I thought that was the only responsible action he and Obama as well, should take.  Unfortunately, they didn’t demand more accountability, and we have had numerous changes since until we are out in space.  President Obama now has to be the rudder to get us back on course.  Tough with Democrats allowing little Republican input.  Tough with Republican refusal to support any proposal without their input.  The President, while enjoying immense popularity is getting criticism from the extreme left who was instrumental in his election victory.  The criticism from the Limbaughs and the far right was expected.  I have been impressed with his efforts to bring the two sides together.  For me, the middle way is the only way.  Democrats and the liberal media want to blame Bush and the Republicans for all that’s wrong, but we have seen little Democrat support for any Republican Administration even though they too were elected by the people.

As for, “how’s he doing so far?”  I have generally approved of his cabinet choices.  I like his style and demeanor.  I am disturbed by the fact that at least three of the appointments have had tax problems or acceptance of questionable political favors.  Can you imagine the voices from the Democrats and the media had a Republican nominee made this mistake.  I am afraid it portends to the same old system, Democrat or Republican.  I did not approve of some of his friends prior to his election.  The present stimulus bill is loaded with pork or content that is not apropos to vitalizing the economy.  McCain promised to veto every measure deemed pork.  Obama should do the same until Congress gets the message.  McCain probably wouldn’t have done it and Obama probably won’t either, because of those darned political considerations.  President Obama is my President and the best man for our times.  I will support him until I no longer can.  Two weeks is an awfully short time, but I like him and what he is trying to accomplish.  As I write, the President has just nominated Republican Senator Judd Gregg to be Commerce Secretary.  Another good move.

Ali, now you know why it is not a good idea to ask me what I think and why it is probably a good idea for me not to blog often.  Good luck and better weather at N.U.  Love to all my family members wherever you are.

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