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While I have mostly given up blogging, and even pretty much reading them as frequently as I should, I have been captivated on this day along with others, by the inauguration.  This will be our best “feel good” day before business begins.  But what a great day to be an American.  The peaceful transition of power in a democracy is truly a miracle, and a special miracle in this land of ours.  Nothing like it anywhere else in the world.  And for this day, the really most disagreeable of our political figures from both parties are behaving quite well and what a joy to see old political rivals greet and converse congenially.  Yes I feel proud today inspite of the seemingly unsurmountable tasks ahead.

I just want to add an observation formed as I watch and listen to the proceedings.  Perhaps President Obama will be successful or not, but if ever there was a time when we needed a uniting force, we have indeed an individual who can be described as a UNIVERSAL MAN.  Our President will be the first born President from our newest State. 

Having lived in that island paradise many years ago, I have always been impressed with the harmony that many races were able to achieve.  This man with the unlikely name of Barack Hussein Obama, with a black Father born in Africa, a white Mother born in Kansas, growing up and living in Asia, and you know the rest.  Yes we have a Universal Man whom I see as truly attempting to be an American first.  Our best hope for all Americans, and hopefully for the world.

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